User personal data is always processed in a matter thart complies with data protection legislation

We recommend that all organisations involved in a MaaS scheme ensure users personal data is processed in a manner that complies with data protection legislation.


Build an underground high-speed tunnel-based service for cars

Rapid Learning Networks

Open access to networks of trust, crowd wisdom and hi-quality data is spontaneously and rapidly educating, spreading new ideas and shifting age-old perceptions as they sweep through large populations.

Fertile Soil is Gold

Vast areas of Northern Canada and other Arctic regions melt due to climate change. Huge areas of “virgin” nutrient-rich soils become accessible for agricultural production, becoming a new valuable natural resource.

MaaS providers test accessibility features with a diverse range of users

We recommend MaaS platform providers test accessibility features with a diverse range of users, including those from groups sharing protected characteristics, throughout the design process.

Workplace parking charge

Another effective means of reducing the number of car commuters is to introduce workplace parking charges.

Continu verbeteren op basis van data

De verkeerssituatie op infrastructuur- en vervoersnetwerken (en de omgeving) verandert voortdurend. Daarom wordt er continu data over de toestand en het gebruik van knooppunten en netwerken verzameld.

If particular journeys are promoted through commercial agreements, this is made clear to the user

We recommend MaaS platforms make clear where a particular journey, mode or operator is being promoted or prioritised owing to a prior commercial arrangement. This might be through a visual cue to users, for example, a “sponsored” or “promoted” tag.

What safety measures would you like the bus stop to include to ensure you are safe or you feel safe?

You're waiting for the bus, it's nighttime or you are in an isolated area, and there's no one else with you at the stop.

Retailers With No Car-Parking

Work with retailers to rethink their business models and land land use to eliminate need for parking

China Allies With Africa

China becomes the main benefactor for much of the African continent, in return for mineral and energy resources.


To create dedicated, protected spaces and parking for active mobility solutions and ensure safety for both pedestiand and riders of all ages and abilities

Left-Turn Ban

Ban left turns in specific intersections to reduce congestion and improve safety

MaaS platforms provide information about CO2 savings

MaaS platforms provide users with information about the CO2 savings that can be made by walking or cycling, so users can make informed choices about sustainable modes of transport. This information should be displayed to the user in an accessible and easy-to-understand format.

Use existing standards for data exchange

We recommend transport operators and MaaS platform providers make use of the wide range of published national and international standards that are available to support the delivery of mobility services.

Climate Stabilizes

Global warming predictions prove to be exaggerated and climate change stabilizes again. Measurements in CO2 and other greenhouse gasses show rapid decline. The planet is rebalancing on its own.


Reduce overall energy consumption (including operations) and promote a shift towards more energy efficient transport modes.

Car Ownership Hurdles

Make owning and parking a car in the city expensive and hard

Drones as Transport

Add drones to the mix of transport for people or for package delivery

Quick Traffic Calming

Use paint & temporary barriers to narrow crosswalks or create micromobility lanes

Car Purchase Coupon

Give lower income households 1000€ reduction on the price of a car

What information would you like to receive in these cases? What is the most convenient way to be informed about the planned changes? By what means (at the bus stop, on board, Twitter, APP, SMS)?

There is an event in the city (Fallas, a race, a demonstration) that forces EMT to make a change in the bus lines. You don't really know if the line and stop you usually take will be running during those days.