Energy Tax

Energy comes from multiple sources but it is expensive. Energy-use tax exists on all forms of energy with more weight on fossil fuels to make other forms more competitive.

Transit Signal Priority

Increase frequency of green lights for buses approaching intersections

Ticketing schemes can be tailored to individual requirements

We recommend ticketing schemes can be tailored to individual requirements including those of different disabled passengers, take into account users with different protected characteristics in the design process and those who may need concessionary fares.

How do you get there? What transport mode do you select?

You need to get to various places around the city within a day, which can be found at greater distances from each other.

Commercial agreements promote fairness on pricing, avoid exclusivity of sercice and encourage data sharing

We recommend local authorities, MaaS platform providers and transport operators ensure that any commercial agreements that are entered into promote fairness on pricing, avoid exclusivity of services and encourage data sharing to guard against any negative competition outcomes.


Everyone should have the freedom to move. With cities more congested and lives more connected, we need a new way to travel from A to B. One solution that’s clever, simple to use and kind to the environment whenever you need to move, wherever you are. That’s KINTO, from Toyota and Lexus.

Internet Manufacturing Broker

Our company is an internet-based manufacturing brokerage that instantaneously sources local component manufacturing for complete products. Configure and order on-line and the product will be built and delivered.


Bolides is een autodeelsysteem uit Antwerpen. Bij Bolides dienen de wagens in een bepaalde zone achtergelaten te worden. Gebruikers betalen per tijd en km.

Continu verbeteren op
basis van data

De verkeerssituatie op infrastructuur- en vervoersnetwerken (en de omgeving) verandert voortdurend. Daarom wordt er continu data over de toestand en het gebruik van knooppunten en netwerken verzameld.

How do you react in this situation? Would you like the bus stop to integrate a communication system to contact an emergency assistance service (police, technical support, etc.)?

You are waiting for the bus, there is no one else with you at the stop and you encounter difficulties or problems (with the ticket office, the information available at the stop, etc.).

What should the shuttle service provide to avoid this issue?

It is raining. The platform is slippery. You are afraid that you will fall when you get out of the bus.


Greater understanding among riders, residents and other road users of micromobility regulations and how to use and interact with shared vehicles safely